Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Fence design

Based upon needs (people, soil and plants), time and available space we had already decided how big the beds were going to be and how many we needed.

Before the fence was build we did a little design.

Some of the patterns we knew were;
*central access path (people & wheelbarrows).
*duck and rabbit proof . Sheep proof for short durations.
*private garden (destination -not a thoroughfare).
*separate from berry patch & easy berry picking from path by fence.
*compost space.
*gardener approaches from over here (east).
*water on east side.
*shady south edge.
*drive way openness -set back from main driveway (north edge).
*north-south beds for sunshine.
*optimize space.

Next step was fun. We all moved string, fencing standards and bamboo around. The first decision fell into place (bamboo in front right hand corner) and then we had to get the wheelbarrow out!!

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